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Grand Slam car wash

About Us
Grand slam Express Car was Grand Slam car wash is a car washing and tire branding company whose head office is at 493 South Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA. We assist in giving your car the greatest appearance possible by using the best cleaning equipment and soap that removes dirt from not only your vehicle but also reforms and brings out the sparkling appearance you wish for, making your car always stand out among every other vehicle in that environment.

Ultimate wash

Grand Slam car wash assists in giving your car the greatest appearance possible

Premium services

Our team of experts only uses modern technology to offer you premium services at a very affordable

Three times value

Do you know what, you stand the chance of taking back home 3x the value of your money back.

Our goal

Our only goal is to provide the best possible service with the help of qualified personnel and high-quality items that will retain the first-hand color of your car. You don’t need to stress yourself; call us now!

Professionalism is our culture

Our team of experts only uses modern technology; biodegradable soaps and sealants provide superior water beading for better visibility in bad weather. This water beading will keep your car looking sparkling for a longer time and not only work to prevent streaking and dirt build-up on your screen but also help you see when it rains. Our expert wash procedure has existed for more years, and it uses specialized tools and soaps to make your car looking good 24/7 with zero stress.


In just 3 minutes, that dirty car will have a brand-new look that will amaze you. Unlike other car washing centers where you park your vehicle on the washing stands and wait while your car has been washed, with the modern technology and the team of experts in Grand Slam Express car wash, you drive in your car even before thinking of turning off your ignition for your car to be washed your car is already clean. So you don’t have to miss that necessary appointment or go in a dirty-looking car.

Tyre Branding

We also Brand your tyres
Grand Slam Express car does not only wash your vehicle’s body, but we still keep your tyres and wheels at best, bringing back the shiny glory of the first day. After having a good time with us, you will be jealous of where you take your wheel.